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Dining Rooms

Regenten Zaal

66 seats

Regenten Zaal which means Regents Room in memory of the Regents of the former orphanage (read history) across the road. This is the largest dining room at Haesje Claes. It is decorated with oak wall panelling and wooden beams on the ceiling. Part of the walls are covered with gold leather mosaic, which originally came from buildings on the canals that were built in the 17th century. 

In the 60's and 70's, these buildings were renovated and the mosaic was then rescued from the rubbish containers. You can seat 66 people here, but if you combine it with the dining room opposite (Blauwe Zaal), it gives you a total capacity of 116 chairs.

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Blauwe Zaal

50 seats

The Blauwe Zaal which means Blue Room.The first feature that catches your eye when entering the Blauwe Zaal, is a beautiful blue/turquoise coloured glass picture, designed with angels. It has been mounted on the ceiling and originates from France. It has certainly found its place here and together with the antique plates and beautiful oak wood work, they give you a sense of warmth and cosiness. Combined with the dining hall opposite (Regenten Zaal), it gives you a total capacity of 116 chairs.

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Rode Zaal

42 seats

The Rode Zaal which means Red Room is situated upstairs, this dining room is decorated with stain glass ceilings, mirrors and beautiful paintings. This gives a warm and classical feeling to this room where you can have a private lunch or dinner, without any disturbance.

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Tegel Zaal

Capacity:44 seats

The Tegel Zaal which means Tile Room is a upstairs dining room which has large glass lead windows, which open out onto one of the most liveliest streets in Amsterdam, the Spuistraat. These are a main feature in the room and together with the Delft tiles that decorate the walls, they give a certain diversity. Climbing the wooden stairs and walking through authentic halls you certainly have a feeling of "going back in time", like you are actually visiting an old Amsterdam's family home.

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Witte Zaal

18 seats

The Witte Zaal means White Room, this dining room certainly has a light (white wall tiles) and airy feel to it. Mosaic tiles on the walls and many pictures and paintings reffering to the former orphanage across the road (read history) found their place here and it's the perfect room for enjoying a private lunch or dinner.

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Groene Zaal

18 seats

The Groene Zaal means the Green Room. This is the smallest and most intimate dining room at Haesje Claes. Here you can find dark oak beams, which have been engraved with the tales about wisdom of wines. These originate from a famous Amsterdam café-restaurant, Brouwers Wapen. It was situated on the Rembrandtplein area and had to close its doors at the beginning of the 1970's. 

It has a beautiful stain glass window designed with the three Andreas crosses. These are a symbolic sign of Amsterdam, and together with its antique lights and chandeliers, you have the perfect atmosphere. You can reserve for private dinners with a maximum of 18 people eating at separate tables. With one long table, you have the capacity of 12/13 people.

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16 seats

De Heerenkamer in English means the Gentlemans (Gents)chamber. Fortunately today also woman are welcome! With its traditional Haesje Claes style, a warm and chique decor of wood and leaded glass, its perfect for family dinners or business meetings in a private atmosphere . With a long table, the capacity can be 16 chairs.

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